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    Explore & Conqure Knowledge

    Computer Science Institutes of Hammond is an organization focused on teaching high school students of Hammond, Indiana subject areas of computer science for free.

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    Locally Produced

    Such programs are usually found in major cities and are very high in price. Computer Science Institutes of Hammond is local and free.

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    A memorable experience

    Through Computer Science Institutes of Hammond you wlll meet people from throughout the high schools in Hammond with the same intellectual passion towards computer science as you. While being intellectuly challenged, you will also form friendships and create an experience you will never forget.

About Us

Shamari Walker Jr is a 19-year-old sophomore at Purdue University. He is originally from Gavit High School in Hammond, Indiana. He took a strong interest in technology at the age of 12 and began programming at 13. He started his own technology development company at the age of 15. Throughout his teenage years, he had been recognized numerous times for his accomplishments, received awards such as "Young Entrepreneur of the Year", and developed a portfolio beyond his age. Shamari appreciates his community greatly as they have helped him by providing such an excellent environment to grow up in. As a way to give back to his community, Shamari has founded the Computer Science Institutes of Hammond. An organization whos main goal is to teach high school students several computer science topics through hands on activities. After a successful year, Shamari is now passing down the position of director to two of his former teaching assistants. For more info on Shamari you may head over to ascuniatech.com